Curve CDM         Curve CDM

We are a company in Hong Kong, which design and manufacture Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) in our facility in Mainland China Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is self-service terminal that enables you to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer. Now no need to fill deposit slips and stand in long queues at the cash counter. Deposit your cash through the simple and fast CDM installed in the branch and get instant credit in your account.


  • Instant credit in your account.
  • Immediate receipt.
  • No need to fill deposit slips.
  • No need to stand in long queues.
  • 24x7 service.
  • We welcome sales inquiries for Cash Deposit Machines from International buyers We can supply Cash Deposit Machines to suit your currency, subject to condition that cash acceptors are configured to your local currency